What We Do

The Right Message, Investor, Partner



Communicating the right message. The BCM team, after careful and comprehensive study, integrates our collective 150 years of capital markets with a focus on Healthcare, Health and Wellness expertise and experience to thoughtfully craft the most appropriate message. Special focus is applied to the competitive landscape, product/service differentiation, intellectual property, and how and why these components lead to best-in-class patient outcomes. Through our team’s years of experience, deep industry knowledge, and careful analysis, we identify and shape the optimal corporate message that will resonate with investors.


Understanding the right InvestorNot all investors are the same. Investment strategies, philosophy, and style vary considerably from firm to firm. The BCM team looks beyond the filings to understand the type of investment that is most appealing to these professional firms. After years of cultivating deep relationships with investors across the globe, we look to help our clients strategically build a shareholder base made up of the right investors for each unique story. 


Beyond Investor Relations. BCM as the right partner. Capital markets advisory goes beyond investor relations. BCM serves as a true partner to its clients. Our diverse background - from physicians, to buy and sell-side analysts, to i-bankers, and corporate executives - helps us deliver a comprehensive view into the companies we serve. Not only do BCM's client management teams lean on BCM to serve as a bridge to the Street, but we become trusted strategic partners, allowing management teams to focus on the things that matter most - their business, employees, and customers.   


Investor Targeting

  • Identify the right investors for the company: Through our analysis of comparables and peer shareholders, BCM will strategically identify potential shareholders.

  • Engage investors: Utilizing our extensive investor relationships, our proprietary institutional investor relations analytical framework, and other investment tools, we target the appropriate investors for company clientele, and acquire both mindshare and investment consideration.

Domestic & International Institutional Investor Road Shows

  • Design and organize effective roadshows: Leveraging our institutional investor relationships and investor targeting methodology, senior BCM investment professionals arrange logistics and accompany management on effective institutional investor roadshows in the Midwest in markets such as Minneapolis, Chicago, Kansas City. In addition, BCM executes roadshows in other national markets such as Denver, New York, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

  • Acquire candid, helpful investor feedback: After the roadshow, senior BCM professionals will proactively follow-up with these institutional investors and acquire feedback that is both candid and helpful. 

Effective Messaging

  • Optimize corporate presentations: Senior BCM investment professionals will optimize effective messaging by consulting on and refining corporate presentations to ensure that investor messaging is both on-point and refined. This process should be executed quarterly.

  • Refine and enhance press releases: Senior BCM investment professionals will strategize and edit all press releases, i.e., content, cadence, and the appropriate disclosure method.
  • Social Media: Senior BCM investment professionals will work to increase visibility and awareness via various social media channels with a focus on investor outreach and targeting.



Investor Relations Analytical Framework

  • Build a proprietary dynamic financial model toolkit: Since investors need robust and reliable analytical tools to be able to make intelligent, profitable investment decisions, BCM builds and maintains a detailed proprietary & dynamic financial model toolkit. Particularly for small and mid-cap equities, these are proven to be substantial time savers and significantly enhance investment potential. The toolkits are customized to each client’s requirements and investor targeting.

Fairness Opinions

  • Provide transactional assistance and capital raising services: BCM provides fairness opinions to facilitate capital markets transactions and capital raises for both public and private companies, on an as-needed basis. These opinions are priced at a discount to the substantial pricing charged by investment banks and are at similar or superior quality. 

M&A Advisory

  • Generate robust analytics: In certain situations, BCM provides highly-detailed analytical support to clients interested in pursuing strategic alternatives, and/or internal LM&A. BCM leverages its dynamic financial model and works in place of, or alongside investment banks to construct highly detailed scenario analysis, financial impact analysis, and deal structure/proxies for determining optimal capital markets transaction terms.

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