Investor Testimonials

What Investors Think About Berg Capital


Rob Nicoski, CFA, CPA
Portfolio Manager at Disciplined Growth Investors

Let me start by first saying that over the course of my nearly two decade career as an institutional money manager literally hundreds of sales professionals have "called on me." I say "called on me" because that has generally been the extent of their effort. Few have taken the time to fully understand exactly what I am looking for as a long-term fundamental investor, and fewer yet have been able to add meaningful value once they have developed that level of discernment. Josh is one of those few. Not only has he committed the time to develop a clear understanding of our investment philosophy and process, he is an independent thinker that does not let the constraints of a limited product set stifle his willingness to think creatively about how he can add real value to our process. Finally, years in the trenches have taught me that life is too short to partner with individuals that lack integrity, no matter how bright and motivated they might be. To that end, I have been given the opportunity to get to know Josh over the past several years. He is a good man; one that I believe would never compromise his integrity or take advantage of a client to earn a buck.


Matt Arens, CEO
Senior Portfolio Manager at First Light Asset Management

I can say without reservation that Josh ranks near the top of the list of salespeople that I have worked with over the last 15 years. He is passionate about finding and presenting great investment ideas. He is a great partner and has earned the loyalty of many analysts and portfolio managers.


Josh Pesses
Portfolio Manager, Goodwood Capital Management

Josh initially serviced my firm during his time as an institutional sales rep at Leerink Swann. Josh demonstrated a unique value proposition. He went above and beyond to bring us actionable, non-consensus recommendations. His deep understanding of potential investments and his collaborative spirit gave us a tremendous head start on our own diligence. I continue to work with Josh at Berg Capital Markets. His ability to identify value very early on and connect companies seeking a quality base of investors make him partcularly well-suited for the role. Most importantly, Josh is extremely ethical and diligent - qualities of utmost importance for any partnership.


Jack Thrift
Jack Thrift, CPA

I worked with Josh early in his career as an institutional sales person at Pacific Growth Equities. Over the years working together, he rose to prominence as one of our more capable and seasoned professionals and ended up managing some of our largest accounts. His clients trust his judgement and ability to help them add alpha in their portfolios.

Casey Ryan
Senior Analyst, Lyon Street Capital

Josh Berg is an outstanding professional. Josh is focused and driven while maintaining the vision to work towards high level strategic goals. In my experience Josh has outworked and outsmarted his competition and has been a leader in all his organizations from a production stand point and as a leader in the organization. I have had the pleasure to know Josh personally for 10 years and have worked with him at two employers, both where he drove excellent results for each organization.


Rob Wilson
Institutional Portfolio Analyst at MFS Investment Management

Josh has been a valuable resource to me in my role as a Senior Investment Analyst supporting three funds with total assets under management of $8 billion. His understanding of corporate strategy and financial analysis and unique insight into all aspects of the healthcare industry enabled me to take quick, yet thoughtful action on several large equity positions. Furthermore, I found working with Josh both efficient and enjoyable, thanks to his honest and straight-forward style of communication.


Andrew Rich
Principal and Portfolio Manager at MindShare Capital Management

Josh has covered me for several years and provided numerous profitable ideas. He is extremely dedicated and I highly recommend Josh. He vets his analysts' work thoroughly and provides his own color in many instances. He has a good grasp on the market and what moves stocks. Josh has a good personality and has been a pleasure to work with.


Christopher Thomson
Equity Analyst at MindShare Capital Management

As a buy-side analyst, Josh's contributions as a sell-side institutional equity salesman have been essential to my job duties and knowledge base. I relied on Josh to augment my understanding of the healthcare and medical device space. His expertise, attention to detail and work ethic have proven to be significantly better than the vast majority of his peers.


Phil Fisher
PM at Temagami Capital

I was privileged to work with Josh for three years and have maintained a strong on-going relationship with him since we worked together. He is a highly energetic, focused and entrepreneurial individual. He has a very positive work attitude and follows projects through from beginning to end without need for oversight. He demands the best of himself and that is reflected in the high quality of his work. Josh is a self-starter who strives to make a difference and for his work to have an impact. I consider it an honor to have worked with him.

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