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Berg Capital Partners is a capital markets advisory and investment firm that helps leading edge healthcare companies to source the critical investment funds required to transform their vision from concept to reality.

We closely collaborate with clients, with the goal of becoming a trusted partner throughout their capital raising journey. Through our capital raising efforts, we strive to help our clients unlock the full potential of their innovations, making a profound impact on the well-being of countless patients worldwide.



At Berg Capital, our unwavering commitment lies in valuing our clients above all else. We take immense pride in the relationships we have cultivated and the remarkable collaborations we have been privileged to establish with esteemed groups in various medical fields. These partnerships have allowed us to contribute meaningfully to advancing healthcare solutions and improving patients' lives.

Our commitment to our clients is not just about financial investment; it's about recognizing the importance of their missions and dedicating our resources to propel their vital work forward. Through partnerships with esteemed groups in oncology, heart disease, sleep apnea, allergies, and medical devices, we have witnessed firsthand the transformative impact that collaborative innovation can have on healthcare. As we continue on this journey, we remain steadfast in our dedication to advancing medical progress and improving lives across the globe.









An Integrated Approach

to precision oncology


An Integrated Approach

to precision oncology


Everyone deserves a better sleep test


Accurate. Convenient. Cost-Effective. Comfortable.

Everyone deserves a better sleep test


Accurate. Convenient.
Cost-Effective. Comfortable.




At our core, we are unwaveringly committed to the convergence of science and capital to alleviate the suffering of patients worldwide. Our guiding principle places the patient at the forefront of everything we do. Throughout our journey, from inception to realization, the patient's needs are ever-present, driving our relentless pursuit of innovation and improvement. Our dedication to service is deeply rooted in the belief that by serving others, we find purpose and meaning in our own lives.

Guided by the wisdom of great leaders and thinkers, we strive to harness our knowledge, resources, and compassion to alleviate suffering and improve patient lives. It is through our commitment to service and the pursuit of innovation that we discover fulfillment, purpose, and ultimately, contribute to a healthier and more compassionate world.



A Team Culture

We foster a culture built upon transparency, teamwork, and trust, which enables us to achieve our company's vision of partnering with visionary companies that leave a lasting impact on history. We recognize the significance of each individual's role in the success of Berg Capital Partners, and we value the contributions of every team member. Collaboration and synergy are at the core of our approach, as we understand that by working together, we can achieve remarkable outcomes and fulfill our collective mission.

An Unwavering Commitment to Excellence

We take full ownership of our work and carry a deep sense of pride in everything we do. Setting a high standard, we meticulously attend to the finest details, holding ourselves accountable to the ambitious goals, Objectives and Key Results, and objectives we have established. We consistently push ourselves to improve, continuously seeking growth and refinement in our endeavors.

Positive Intent

This foundation of trust allows us to cultivate an environment where open communication and collaboration thrive. We encourage the exchange of ideas, opinions, and perspectives, knowing that each person's contributions are valued and respected. By assuming the best in one another, we create a space that promotes transparency, creativity, and innovation.

Moreover, this trust extends beyond individual interactions to encompass the overall integrity of our operations. We have confidence that every member of our team upholds ethical standards and conducts themselves with honesty and fairness in all aspects of their work. This shared commitment to integrity ensures that we maintain the highest levels of professionalism, trustworthiness, and accountability in our dealings with colleagues, partners, and the broader community.

By assuming the good intentions and integrity of each person at Berg Capital Partners, we foster an inclusive and supportive environment where individuals feel empowered to bring their best selves to work. This collective trust serves as the bedrock for our continued growth, success, and the realization of our shared vision.



Josh Berg

Founder, Principal Partner

Josh Berg is a seasoned investment professional with over 26 years of healthcare, finance and capital markets experience. Mr. Berg is the Founder and Principal Partner at Berg Capital Markets, LLC. Mr. Berg's investor relationships collectively manage more than $400 billion. Prior to founding Berg Capital Partners and Kindling Investment Partners, Mr. Berg developed expertise in institutional equities with bulge bracket and boutique, healthcare-centric investment banks.

Prior to his 12 years of investment banking experience, Mr. Berg worked in the institutional investment management business and facilitated the raise of over $2 Billion for Jurika & Voyles, LP. Josh graduated with a Bachelors in Economics from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Eric Holter

Managing Partner

Eric Holter has 26 years of experience in finance and capital markets. Mr. Holter spent 10 years in Real Estate private equity and has developed an in-depth understanding of marketing, sales and operations.

Before entering the real estate industry, Eric worked in investor relations at Darwin Capital Partners, a boutique capital group, where he honed his skills in building strong, trusted relationships with investors as well as managing complex financial transactions.

Eric also has deep experience as an entrepreneur, which provided him with a unique perspective on business strategy and execution. Eric graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz, with a degree in Biology and holds a Lean Six Sigma Certificate in business process optimization from Oxford University.

Dean Holter

General Counsel

Dean Holter is an attorney, serving as both General Counsel and Controller to Berg Capital Markets, LLC. Mr. Holter has many years experience serving businesses as both General Counsel and Chief Financial Officer or Controller. Prior to joining Berg Capital Markets, LLC, Mr. Holter served as General Counsel and CFO to Christensen Global Strategies, an international consulting firm whose clients include United Nations Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative, Duke Energy, FEMSA, and Microsoft, among other Fortune 500 companies.

While at Christensen Global Strategies, Mr. Holter also served as the project lead in the successful purchase of several commercial scale solar projects in California and Oregon, contracting with Renewable Technology Development, one of the largest solar thermal developers in California, and Chromasun, a leader in solar thermal technology.

Prior to Christensen Global Strategies, Dean served as the General Counsel and General Manager of Idaho Capital, a private collateralized real estate lending group.

Beau Norgeot

Chief Technology Officer

Beau Norgeot is an accomplished and visionary technologist with a passion for driving innovation and transforming businesses through cutting-edge technology solutions. As the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Berg Capital Markets, Beau leads the strategic direction of the company's technology initiatives, ensuring they align with the organization's mission and drive sustainable growth.

With over 15 years of diverse experience in the technology industry, Beau possesses a proven track record of developing and executing successful technology strategies that optimize operational efficiency and enhance overall performance. His expertise extends across a wide range of domains, including software development, cloud computing, cybersecurity, data analytics, and artificial intelligence.

Prior to joining Berg Capital Markets, Beau held several leadership roles at renowned tech firms, where he spearheaded major digital transformations and built high-performing teams. His ability to bridge the gap between technical complexities and business objectives has consistently delivered remarkable results, positioning organizations for long-term success in a fast-evolving market landscape.

David Judelson

Over the last decade, David has co-founded and built several successful companies at the intersection of SaaS and Big Data solutions. Most recently he served as the CFO/COO/Co-Founder of Axiom Health, a seed-funded SaaS Start-up focused on bringing real-time market intelligence insights to healthcare companies globally.

While at Axiom, David spearheaded fundraising for the company’s pre-seed and seed funding rounds as well as managing both company operations and finance/accounting functions. Prior to Axiom, David was a co-founder at VirtuMed, offering analytics consulting and bespoke software solutions to some of the biggest healthcare manufactures in the world, including Stryker, Zimmer and Novartis.

Early in his career David held several (management) roles across finance and analytics at several large companies/Fortune 500’s including Oakley (Luxottica), Shire Pharmaceuticals (Takeda) and State Street Bank. He holds a BA in Economics from the University of California – Santa Barbara and an MBA in Finance and Strategy from the University of California – Irvine.

Jay Sarwar

Jay’s dynamic healthcare capital markets career spans 24 years and combines technology, research, go-to-market leadership, financial modeling expertise, strategic capital allocation, and equity valuation.

Jay has been instrumental in multiple VC-backed SaaS exits starting in 2010 with the IPO of Codexis, where he served as head of capital markets and FP&A. He subsequently held leadership roles at three Enterprise SaaS firms: Xtime, Monetate, and Cheetah Digital. All three were acquired by strategic investors in 2014, 2017, and 2022, respectively.

Jay began his career as a Healthcare Equity Analyst at Pacific Growth Equities in 2006, where he covered the Specialty Pharmaceuticals sector. He holds a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry from Drexel University and an MBA from Yale School of Management.

Hudson Plumb

Hudson Plumb is a highly skilled healthcare strategist and business executive with over 25 years of experience delivering outstanding digital strategy and novel digital marketing solutions for the pharmaceutical and medical communications industries, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and leading health systems.

As the Senior Vice President, Strategy, at Heartbeat, a division of Publicis Health, Hudson leads a specialized team focused on the development of health system products and services to deliver solutions dynamically at the point of care.

An award-winning innovator, Hudson’s subject matter expertise in crafting health system and population health programs, Electronic Health Record solutions, and AI-powered remote patient monitoring products has produced a strong track record of successful solutions that differentiate brands in the marketplace.

PM360 2019 Trailblazer Awards, Finalist, Point of Care >
PM360 2018 Innovative Service, Heartbeat Connected Patient Service >
DTC Perspectives, 2018, Agency Vanguard Award >

Nabeel Ebeid

Senior Research Analyst

Mr. Nabeel Ebeid has operated in a wide range of finance, strategy, and operational leadership roles in software companies. In the leadup to ExactTarget's IPO and subsequent acquisition by Salesforce.com, Mr. Ebeid was instrumental in scaling its Services and Support model as its headcount tripled. Nabeel built a Strategy & Operations team at Cheetah Digital, where he led standup efforts, ran revenue operations, sold a Japanese division to Bain Capital, and ultimately led the merger with the Campaign Monitor Group.

He has since led FP&A at Anomali as VP of Strategic Finance and built a centralized Go-to-Market Operations function at ActiveCampaign. Mr. Ebeid holds a Bachelors of Arts in Mathematics, Economics, and Public Policy from the University of Chicago and an MBA from Northwestern Kellogg School of Management.

Scott Poore

Go-to-Market Advisor, Berg Capital Partners

With over 25 years of experience in entrepreneurship, cloud technology sales, and SaaS for Healthcare Companies, Scott is an accomplished GTM Advisor at Berg Capital Markets Partners. He carries a wealth of knowledge and a track record of success, having thrived in diverse roles across his career, including senior sales positions spanning the Life Sciences Sector.

Scott's most recent role as Vice President of Sales at Pivotal Demand exemplifies his enterprising spirit, where he partners with organizations to drive growth and execute go-to-market strategies. Prior to this, Scott invested 14 years at Oracle Corporation, culminating in his role as Regional Vice President of Sales, Major Accounts for the United States. During this tenure, he led North American Sales Teams specializing in Oracle's Customer Experience SaaS Solutions.

Before his Oracle journey, Scott held roles at Salesforce.com, Siebel Systems, and pursued entrepreneurial endeavors. Driven by a passion for innovation and underpinned by a robust work ethic, Scott Poore is eager to contribute his rich expertise to Berg Capital Partners. He's excited to join their quest to empower healthcare innovators with the crucial funding they need to transform visionary ideas into concrete realities.

JP Dayton

Research Analyst

Mr. JP Dayton is a Research Analyst at Berg Capital Partners | Kindling Investment Partners. Mr. Dayton is a highly-motivated, driven professional with a passion for finance and finding good investments. With a Bachelor's degree in Financial Planning, earned cum laude from Arizona State University, JP possesses an extremely strong foundation. JP works directly with the Partners at BCP and assists in deal identification, strategy and research.

JP finds joy in exploring the world through travel, constantly seeking new experiences and cultures. Driven by a desire to make a better world, JP is passionate about tackling significant challenges and finding innovative solutions. When not immersed in analysis, you can find JP on the golf course, honing skills and enjoying the outdoors.

Harvey Berg

Chief Cozy Officer

Meet Harvey Berg, our beloved Chief Cozy Officer. At just 1.5 years old, Harvey has already established himself as the undisputed and supreme leader of all things cozy at Berg Capital Partners & Kindling Investment Partners.

Harvey's life revolves around the simple pleasures. His enthusiasm for long walks is nothing short of infectious, leading us on daily adventures through the neighborhood and park, where he joyfully explores every scent and greets fellow pups with boundless energy. Whether it's a stroll in the morning sunshine or a moonlit expedition, Harvey is always ready to share the great outdoors with a wagging tail and a smile.

When the day is done, and it's time to unwind, Harvey transforms into a cuddle connoisseur. Harvey's warm presence makes every evening feel like a cozy retreat, and he's known for soothing away the day's worries with his gentle affection.

Harvey's other favorite pastime is being our resident movie critic. He adores movie nights, curling up on the couch, and offering his own unique take on each film. No movie night is complete without his company and critiques.

But perhaps Harvey's most cherished moments are the ones spent at the window, where he can indulge his fascination with the avian world. He watches the birds with intense focus, his tail occasionally wagging as if he's sharing in their joyous flights. It's a serene, meditative activity that brings him closer to nature, reminding us to appreciate life's simple wonders.

In his short 1.5 years, Harvey Berg has already filled our lives with love, warmth, joy and endless coziness. As Chief Cozy Officer, he reminds us to embrace the little things in life and savor every moment with gratitude.



Kindling Investment Partners (KIP) is our dedicated direct investment firm with a strategic focus on early and growth-stage companies within the healthcare industry. By specializing in healthcare, KIP aims to make a significant impact on patient outcomes through its investments. The firm's primary goal is to identify and support innovative companies within the following healthcare sub-sectors: Medical Devices, Life Science Tools & Diagnostics, and Health Tech.

KIP's unique strength lies in its extensive network of healthcare operators and investors. This network allows the firm to access a wealth of subject matter expertise, industry insights, and market trends. By leveraging this knowledge during the diligence process, KIP can make more informed investment decisions, identifying promising companies with strong growth potential and a clear path to positively impacting patient outcomes.

In conclusion, Kindling Investment Partners is a purpose-driven investment firm that aligns its resources and expertise to improve patient outcomes through strategic investments in early and growth-stage healthcare companies. By focusing on medical devices, life science tools & diagnostics, and health tech, and leveraging its vast healthcare network, KIP aims to catalyze innovation and drive positive change in the healthcare industry for the benefit of patients worldwide.

By assuming the good intentions and integrity of each person at Berg Capital Markets, we foster an inclusive and supportive environment where individuals feel empowered to bring their best selves to work. This collective trust serves as the bedrock for our continued growth, success, and the realization of our shared vision.



Empowering Hope, One Child at a Time: Our Dedication to Pediatric Oncology

At the heart of our corporate values lies a deep commitment to social responsibility and giving back to the community. We believe that businesses have the power and responsibility to make a positive impact beyond financial success. That's why we are thrilled to announce the launch of our corporate giving program, which will allow us to extend our helping hand to those in need.

Through this program, a significant portion of our Kindling Investment Partners profits, specifically 5%, will be dedicated to supporting the incredible work of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. St. Jude's is a beacon of hope for children battling life-threatening diseases, providing cutting-edge medical care and innovative research. Their unwavering commitment to families facing some of the toughest challenges imaginable aligns perfectly with our own values of compassion and empathy.

St. Jude's Hospital, founded by entertainer Danny Thomas, has been at the forefront of pediatric research and treatment for more than six decades. Their groundbreaking discoveries and advancements in treating childhood cancer and other catastrophic diseases have saved countless lives worldwide. Their unique approach of never billing families for treatment, travel, housing, or food, ensures that parents can focus solely on their child's recovery without the burden of financial stress.

With each contribution from our corporate giving program, we will be playing a crucial role in supporting St. Jude's mission to find cures and save children. We take immense pride in knowing that our partnership with St. Jude's will directly impact the lives of brave children and their families, giving them hope and the chance for a brighter future.

But it's not just about financial contributions. Our employees are also passionate about getting involved in various volunteer activities and fundraising events to further support St. Jude's mission. This sense of purpose and unity within our company culture strengthens our resolve to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Together, as a community, we will amplify the feel-good story of St. Jude's Hospital, sharing stories of courage, resilience, and triumph against all odds. By supporting St. Jude's, we are not just giving to a hospital; we are investing in the futures of children, families, and our society as a whole. As we embark on this journey of hope and healing, we invite our customers, partners, and stakeholders to join us in making a lasting impact on the lives of these remarkable children and their families. Together, we can create a ripple effect of positivity and transform the world into a better place, one act of kindness at a time.



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